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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Charibooth work?

When you book a photo booth or other service with Charibooth, customers are prompted to select a charitable organization from our featured charity list. For all eligible services booked with Charibooth, we will donate 5% of the total amount to the customer’s selected charitable organization.

How do charities receive my donation?

Once you book our booth,  Charibooth applies the donation amount and puts it in the fund for individual organizations. Each month, Charibooth deposits the donation funds via electronic funds transfer or by check. 

Is my contribution tax deductable?

Because donations are made by Charibooth, they are not tax deductible by the consumer. You must donate cash or property yourself to qualify for tax deductions.

Can I donate to more than one charity at a time?

Not at this time. We ask that you choose one charitable organization for our partners list. If there is a charity not listed that you wish to support, please email us with all the organizations info for review. 

Is there any cost to the charities or customer?

No. There is no cost to charitable organizations or to Charibooth customers. 

May customers make direct donations to charitable organizations?

Not at this time. The only way for customers to support their selected charitable organization is by booking photo booth services with Charibooth.

My charity is not listed, can I request to donate to it?

If your charity is not listed, please send us an email with the organizations info for approval. Organizations must be registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) to be eligible to participate. Organizations must be public charitable organizations (not private foundations) and may not be supporting organizations, unless identified specifically as a Type I, Type II, or functionally integrated Type III supporting organization. Eligible charitable organizations must also be located in one of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia.

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